I have been involved in various translation projects. I chose projects from different translation sectors in order to broaden my experience, and to expand my knowledge and professional skills. Here is a list of the most important projects I took part in, some of which are still ongoing:

Translation of La Cija website

This project is still ongoing. It is about translating into English, Italian and French the website from La Cija, a Spanish company that produces and sells porcelain products.

Freelance translator at (from English and French into Italian)

For this internet-based company I revised texts in the financial, commercial, accounting and marketing field, as well as translated and post-edited different types of texts (especially articles and web content).

Translation of James Lawless’ novel Peeling Oranges (from English into Italian)

The book is available in e-book format and can be purchased on

Volunteer translator for Cafébabel magazine (from English and French into Italian)

Here are the links to the articles I translated for Cafébabel:

Turchia: c’era una volta l’alevismo

Lo sport è la soluzione?

Translation of Béatrice Bottet’s novel Fille de la tempête : La légende de la ville d’Is for my MA thesis (from French into Italian)

I translated the book during my University career as part of my MA thesis, so the translated book is not available for purchase.